“The Urban Romance” is a sensitive city story, who tells about real city engaged  business ladies, which still had left a small place for a flower pot in ther life, like a  romantic island. We can see them like lions in the office and fragile like a flower. They need a shelter from the rain. That is a very different range of emotions....I would greatly commend the groups PUTNI great job and professionalism which is invested, to be able to act wonderfully and sing by heart for one hour and a half. Every lady sings, speaks, acts and plays an instrument. They do everything, as it should be in a contemporary theatre. I was looking at the performance with a sweet pleasure, from one side it is so simply, on the other side so perfectly done, chiselled... The singers do their part without any doubt. Good mastership.
/ Inita Gūtmane “Kurzemes Vārds, 2010.9.Apr./


Magnifique florilège de découvertes vocales et compositionnelles issu d`une belle rencontre artistique!
/ Marie Alix Pleines, La Liberté, 2009/

Excellent vocal and disclosure of compositional bouquet  in a beautiful artistic performance...
/ Marie Alix Pleines, La Liberté, 2009/


...Colorful harmonies, soaring high notes and foreign words flowed from the lips of eight women Tuesday night in Davies Theatre...Latvians love to teach the ballad to everyone who goes there...It`s nice to actually see something like this. I`m impressed.I like it. ...Putni`s dissonant harmonies are bizarre to an American choir`s ears...it is really great for Eau Claire to get..the opportunity to come see this type of cultural experiance.
/THE SPECTATOR, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, 16.11.2006., Brian Reisinger/


...I notice a diference between New York and Latvia, one that reflects well on Latvia...My experiance witrh PUTNI was that they are willing to take on difficult work....They commit to the process as much as to the goal of performance.
/Ch.B.Griffin. Qualified success. Putni and my three – in – one premjere, 2006/

...When listening to "Putni" it sometimes seems that you hear an entire orchestra…..the ensemble achieves this with their elegantly refined and yet natural sound, in which everything pulsates, starting from the singers' voices to the crystal chandelier in the concert hall...

/Irena Lagzdina, "Briva Latvija" 25.-31.10.2003./

..."Putni" is alternative - so very different from the typical female vocal ensemble and the constraints of chamber choir traditions… The high level of professionalism of this eight-voiced ensemble of soloists is fascinating....
/Inese Lusina, "Diena" 21.03.1997./

...Musical theatre concerts are nothing new in the world, however I have never had the opportunity to hear such vocally masterful singing. In Latvia concerts of this nature where often given by the chamber choirs " Ave Sol" and in particular, - "Sindi putnu darzs". However PUTNI have taken a different creative direction and as regards, artistry and vocal ability, at a far higher level of quality...
/"Australijas Latvietis"/ 24.12.2001



...The girls are not only more attractive than on their posters, but are also full of charm. It is particularly good to witness that the outmoded undertone of theatrical ceremony, which used to be characteristic of most ensembles from Latvia - and incomprehensible to Westerners - has been overcome… The girls are in a class all of their own, when compared to, say, the popular US ensemble "Chanticleers".
/Andris Kadegis, "Briva Latvija" Nr.22-1999.g./


...Everyone sat on the edge of their seats, from the moment the female ensemble 'Putni' entered the church
...They all have a noticeably unified quality of tone. The voices merge with one another, making it almost impossible to distinguish each individual voice.
...Choirs usually sound the same as each other, but "Putni" has a unique sound, and with that it has a place amongst the absolute top choirs in Sweden.

/Ylva - Kristina Sjoblom, "Norkoping Dagbladet" 29.06.1996./


...PUTNI have become a respectable ensemble amongst our best choirs and original vocal groups…
/Imants Zemzaris, "Literatura un maksla Latvija" 23.11.2000./