The group has repertoire of compositions from various age and styles,but the group particularly focuses on 20 th century compositions for women`s voices. The expressive and saturated sounds of contemporary music allow each performer to Express her own individuality while addressing the audience in a very personal and direct way.The group is well known for their bold experiments in performing contemporary avante-garde music. PUTNI happily works with other performers on new concert programmes.

Music in the Castle
Soloists of vocal ensemble Putni – Iveta Romancāne (soprano), Sanda Audere (soprano, recorder), Antra Dreģe(alto), Ivars Cinkuss (voice, harpsichord)

Programm was created in collaboration of Antra Dreģe and Early music interpreteur and conductor Ivars Cinkuss  and premiered in Summer 2010, in different Catles in Latvia. Pieces by outstanding composers of 16th/17th centuries -  V.A.Mozart, C. Monteverdi , H.Schütz, G.Carissimi, as well as gregorian chants  and music by Latvian contemporary composer A.Selickis remindes about the times when the virtuous musicians – both singers and instrumentalists was a greatest treasure of each  court in Europe.
The programm is like symbiosis between spiritual and sensual, where single voice  or together with others interchange with different solo instruments. All together it
creates intimate inspiration and state of mind. That addresses all grown-up ethnoses.

 “The Urban Romance” is a team work of vocal group PUTNI – 8 singers, who are also instrumentalists (saxophone, recorder, violin, accordeon) with three composers – Uģis Prauliņs, Nick Gotham and Kristaps Pētersons, as well as with director Mārtiņš Eihe and stage designer Reinis Suhanovs. That is a tripartite performance with elements of ambient, jazz  and rock music. “The Urban Romance” is a story about city, love, loneliness and crowd, expectations and sorrow.
The vocal group PUTNI, 8 singers are at the same time also instrumentalists (guitar, accordion, saxophone, flute, violin, percussions, piano etc.)  together with the composers U.Prauliņš (synthesizer), N.Gotham (saxophone), K.Petersons / Aivars Meijers (contrabass) N.Kalniņš (keyboards).
That is an exiting performance with I.Gaile's poetry, ancient Chinese author Sun Tzu text “Art of War”, girl's stories, choreography, stage design and everything else what comes together with scenic get-up.

Toccata alla Fantasia
Lotars Džeriņš(organ),Vocal ensemble Putni

This programm being loved and requested from audience, is annually performed in Riga Dome Cathedral.
TOCCATA  is a virtuoso piece of music featuring sections of virtuosic passagework, melodic and harmonic figurations, capricious metro rhythms and KYRIE – chants which precede liturgy and invite the faithful to repent and to get ready for taking up the words of God. In this album they are dedicated to  both – musical contrasts and harmonic panegyric of God.
The album with the same title was published in 2008.

The Song /Chanson
Popular French chansons are in arrangement of Latvian authors Dzintra Gedroica and Juris Ābols. That is a light, fragrant programme together with accordionist Marko Ojalu and  string orchestra ARMONICO (conductor N.Dreģis).

The programme Faces of Woman. Baltic and Celtic musical traditions is continuing the cooperation of two internationally known vocal groups PUTNI (Latvia) and TAPESTRY (ASV) whose collaboration started in 2006. The bases of this music comes from authentic traditions of Balts and Celts as well as contemporary American and Latvian music for voices and instruments. Everybody is a solo and group musician in collective. The culmination of the concert is American origin Latvian composer's Charles Grifin “Song of Amergine” piece on ancient Irish texts.

Programme Woman
The compositions of Latvian authors which are consecrated to Woman.
On one side with a feminine nature we colligate something faithful, mysterious, enigmatic, or to contrary – chaste,  motherly and preventive.
Thinking about woman in the context of this programme, the accent is on philosophic categories: woman – the creative energy, emotional world, beautiful and variable, a part of yin and yang never ending mystery.
Special compositions of I.Riše, M.Viļums, K.Pētersons, J.Ābols, P.Dambis and N.Munda have been created for this programme. PUTNI perform together with instrumentalists Artūrs Noviks (accordeon), Ivars Bezprozvanovs (cello), Anda Eglīte (kokle), Aija Ziņģīte (piano), Miks Vilsons (flute).
Ecumenical Christmas
Original works based on ancient hymns of Christian denominations written by Latvian composers Jurios Ābols, Rihards Dubra, Georgs Pelēcis, performed by vocal group PUTNI, early music group LUDUS, artists of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Normunds Dreģis.

Georgs Pelēcis oratorio Hildegarde's songs
Peculiar creative dialogue between German nun, healer, visionary, propet, the first known woman – composer in the history of music Hildegard from Bingen and Latvian composer Georgs Pelēcis through ten centuries for five female voices, three kokle`s, recorder and organ.

Lectures in Latvian schools
A musically educational concert for school children. The programme contains a variety of songs in different genres and styles, in addition to a commentary on the period, when each of the songs was composed. This is an original musical journey from ancient cultural ritual singing, through the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic periods, to contemporary academic music and arrangements of popular music. School children are offered the opportunity of finding out more about different musical techniques, which can be performed vocally and which composers use in their works.

“The story about the lost music bar and coming consequences”
 Educationally musical performance for children in collaboration with Puppet theatre.
What is a life in the wonderful Sonic kingdom, where composers are friendly living and creating together with Muses, where musical instruments are respected in every house, where all inhabitants know notes and can wonderfully sing. What happens when the evil Witch decides to disturb the Harmony and peace in the Sonic kingdom. The libretto is prepared by Antra Dreģe and Pēteris Trups.


Madrigals offer a capacious range of themes, from the torment of sweet love, sketches depicting everyday scenes and pastorals, even to political sarcasm. The genre originated in Italy in the 14th Century and rapidly became popular throughout Europe. The programme ‘Madrigal’ is a unique journey through the centuries that begins with works by K. Monteverdi, T. Wilkiss, A. Scarlatti, D. Jones etc. and ends with 20th Century compositions by P. Eben, L. Shari and J. Abols.



The Urban Romance (Pilsētas romance)
Photo by Jānis Deinats




The Urban Romance (Pilsētas romance)
Photo by Jānis Deinats



Hildegarde`s Songs (Hildegardes dziesmas)
Photo by Gundars Venens